Autumn Blaze® ·» Leaves emerge with reddish tint changing to rich green ·» Outstanding brilliant red, fall foliage ·» Fall color persists later than any. Autumn Blaze Maple is a striking maple variety. It is a hybrid between Silver and Red Maple with the preferred qualities of each: the fast growing nature of. Landscapers highly seek the Autumn Blaze Maple Tree for its color and adaptability. As it is an improved hybrid between Red Maple (Acer rubrum) and Silver Maple.

Anatomy of the autumn blaze maple reflects the cross of its red and silver maple parentage. Its leaves are oppositely branched and deciduous, and tend to be. Autumn Blaze Maple – Acer x freemanii. Sienna Glenn and Autumn Blaze maples are part of the freemanii series, which is a hybrid of silver maple and red. Acer x freemanii 'Autumn blaze'. Red Maple. Acer x freemanii Autumn blaze. Acer 'Autumn blaze' Overview. Fast growing decidous tree with brilliange orange-red.

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This cross of the rubrum (red) and saccharinum (silver) maples seems to combine the best qualities of those two species. This tree possesses the good qualities. Tree Nursery. We offer affordable bare root Autumn Blaze Maple trees and many others trees shipped at the best time for planting where you. Acer rubrum 'Autumn Blaze' (also known as A. x freemanii 'Jeffsred') is a fast-growing, deciduous tree. The leaves change to a blazing orange-red in the.

It was named urban tree of the year in ! Autumn Blaze is a cross between red and silver maple that tolerates our alkaline conditions.Brightest red of all maples · From Arizona to New York, people all across the country can enjoy these rapid-growing trees that put on an unrivaled show every.Autumn Blaze is a red maple cultivar with superior fall color and good branch structure. Winter buds, clusters of small winter spring flowers, leaf stems, twigs.

Also known as Freeman's Maple, this Maple lives up to its name by providing you with beautiful fall colors! This tree is well suited for the climate of. As the name suggests, this tree turns shades of an autumn blaze in fall. Known for its brilliant reddish-orange foliage, the Autumn Blaze maple is a. Autumn blaze are a hybrid between red and silver maple. maple where soils don't support red maples. I personally wouldn't put Autumn Blaze on the "crap tree. If you want a “wow!” factor in the landscape, reach for Maple Autumn Blaze. Its leaves are dark green most of the year, turning bright red-orange in the fall.

Autumn Blaze maple is a rapidly growing hybrid maple with spectacular brilliant red foliage making it one of more commonly planted shade trees. For the most. Autumn Blaze Maple. In stock. / 4 Reviews. Why it rocks: Autumn Blaze Maple is a hybrid of the Silver Maple and Red Maple. This tree mixes the. As a combination of the silver and red maples, the Autumn Blaze Maple adapts to a variety of climates and soils, is fast-growing, and presents magnificent fall. A Red and Silver maple hybrid. Combines the best features of both; drought resistance and rapid growth rate of Silver maple and the brilliant red fall color. Autumn Blaze Maple Tree (acer x freemanii) is an absolutely stunning deep red leaves in the fall! Stems turn a red color in winter, making them interesting.

But the Autumn Blaze® Maple grows up to four times faster than a typical red maple tree! • Adaptable to a variety of soils. This is a tree that isn't fussy. During the shorter days of fall, the leaves turn on a brilliant shade of orange and brilliant red that gives the Autumn Blaze maple tree its name. Leaves are up. Besides its spectacular fall color, Autumn Blaze's upright rounded habit provides great shade for your yard and will keep you and your home cool during the hot. The Autumn Blaze red maple is prized as the fastest growing maple tree with a hardy nature and brilliant fall color. This red maple is disease, pest.

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