❾-50%}But do you use that trading setup to make money from your trades? But you now have a powerful way to detect the beginning of a trend , sometimes associated with the end of an opposite one. Obviously, it is a green candlestick. The best way to decide about buying or selling is to use several indicators in combination. But being more often right than wrong, because of understanding indicators, is enough to make money. For example, when there are news releases , there are a lot of traders jumping into the market and trading at the same time. So the very next candlesticks afterwards are likely to move in the direction the preceding candle has indicated. But of course time is an important factor when it comes to chart analysis, since you can watch candlesticks on a one-minute-chart as well as on a weekly time frame. Be confident to skip opportunities that your feeling is uncertain. The best tool combinations and profitable crypto trading strategies are described in the big cryptotradingbook — an highly efficient ebook for people who take their success for serious. The price starts to fall after opening. OMG this just created wonders for me. You can definitely spot other big bars on the chart with the same shape of an Ignition Bar. In the cryptowat. What is the main trend of the market? Just check all your trading charts , from your favorite forex currency pairs or stocks. We would like to thank you yet again for the wonderful ideas you gave Janet when preparing a post-graduate research in addition to, most importantly, pertaining to providing all the ideas in one blog post. Download print version.