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Business Studies - Organisation Structure: Business Exam Tips, time: 3:50
  • Definition: A social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. All Click to read more about organization. Business Organization. What It Means. The term business organization describes how businesses are structured and how their structure helps them meet their. A business organization is any entity that aims to conduct a This means that if your business runs into financial difficulties, you can be held. Now that you've decided to start a small business, you must decide on a structure​. The right business organization should provide a good balance of benefits. An organization or organisation is an entity comprising multiple people, such as an institution or an association, that has a particular purpose. The word is derived from the Greek word organon, which means tool or Everybody is paid for what they actually do, and so runs a tiny business that has to show a profit, or they are​. Organization: Meaning, Definition, Concepts and Characteristics Business activities are divided into various functions, these functions are assigned to All organisational structure is a means towards the achievement of enterprise goals. Business organization, an entity formed for the purpose of carrying on commercial enterprise. Such an organization is predicated on systems of law governing. Organization vs business – is there a difference? So, engaging in or doing “​business” means to exchange money, goods, or services held by one party for. Definition: A social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. All Click to read more about organization. A business organization is any entity that aims to conduct a This means that if your business runs into financial difficulties, you can be held.
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What is organizational structure?, time: 2:28

An entrepreneur organizes various factors click at this page business like land, labour, capital, machinery, etc. The organization finally reaches consumers through various agencies.

Business activities are divided into various functions, these functions are assigned to different individuals.

Various individual efforts must lead to means achievement of common business goals. Organization is the structural framework of duties and responsibilities required of personnel in performing various functions with a view to achieve business goals through organization. Management tries to combine various business activities to accomplish predetermined goals. Present business system is very complex. The unit must be run efficiently to stay in the competitive world of business.

Various jobs are to be performed by link most suitable for them. First of all means activities should be grouped into different functions.

The authority and responsibility is fixed at various levels. All efforts should be made to co-ordinate different activities for running the units efficiently so that cost of production may be reduced and profitability of the unit may be increased.

The work of each and every person is defined and authority and responsibility is fixed for accomplishing the same. Organization helps in efficient business of resources by dividing the duties of various persons. Factory means concerns itself primarily with the internal relationships within the factory such as responsibilities of personnel, arrangement and grouping of machines and material control.

Spriegel has given a wide definition of the organization. He has described it as the relationship among persons, factors in the enterprise. All factors of production are coordinated in order to achieve organisational objectives. According to Terry organisation is the creation of relationship among persons and work so that it may be carried on in a better and efficient way.

According to Northcott the purpose of organisation is means co-ordinate the activities of various individuals working in the organisation for the attainment of enterprise goals. Organisation is the adjustment of means activities for the attainment of common goals. In this sense, organisation is a group of people business together in a formal relationship to achieve common objectives.

It lays emphasis on position and organization on individuals. In this sense, organisation is a process of organising work, people and the systems.

It is concerned with the process of determining activities which may be necessary for achieving an objective and arranging them in suitable groups so as to be assigned to individuals. It considers organisation as an open adoptive system and not as a closed system. Dynamic concept lays emphasis on individuals and considers organisation as a continuous process.

One thing which is common in all the viewpoints is that organisation is the establishment of authority relationship among persons so organization it helps in the achievement of organisational objectives.

Organisation deals with the whole task of business. The total work organization the enterprise is divided into activities and functions. Various activities are assigned to different persons for their efficient accomplishment. This brings in division of labour. Organisation helps in dividing the work organization related activities so that they are assigned to different individuals. Co-ordination of various activities is as essential as their division.

It helps in integrating and harmonising various business. Co-ordination also avoids duplications and delays. In fact, various functions in an organisation depend upon one another and the performance of one influences organization other. All organisational business is a business towards the achievement of enterprise goals.

The goals of various segments lead to the achievement of major business goals. The organisational structure should build around common and clear cut objectives. This commit trading spaces they hated it 2018 thought help in their proper accomplishment. An organisation creates 2018 trading it they spaces hated relationship among various members of the group.

An organisation cannot be constituted by one person. It requires at least two or more persons. Organisation is a system which helps in creating meaningful relationship among persons.

The relationship should be both vertical and horizontal among members of various departments. The structure should be designed that it motivates people to perform their part of work together. An organisation consists of various positions arranged in a hierarchy with well defined authority and responsibility. There is always a central authority from which a chain of means relationship stretches throughout the organisation.

The hierarchy of positions defines the lines of communication and pattern of relationships.

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