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  • Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA). Send feedback. Use. Changes to the system, for example, support packages, customer developments or add-on. SAP Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer How-to guide. Somesh Kari. SAP Solut ion M a na ge r Busine ss Proce ss Cha nge Ana lyze r H ow. Business Process Change Analyzer provides precise impact analysis of SAP software changes on business processes. Based on the analysis. Custom Code Management SAP Solution Manager Each company has its own business processes, which can not be completely covered by the standard. Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) It identifies the business processes/​process steps impacted by software changes. Once the business Process. Service Provider of BPCA - Supported Software Changes, Business Process Change Analyzer, Key Benefits and Change Request Management offered by. I have to read more about the Business Process Change Analyzer, but it seems that it covers the main areas that for instance covers Panaya. Manager Test Suite includes 2 applications for Change Impact Analysis: Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) and Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA​).
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To browse Academia. Anwlyzer to main content. Log In Sign Up. Somesh Kari. These include field change, Business titles, pushbuttons labels, cryptocurrencies online names, Note change Important menu paths, and menu options.

Example Recommendation or Tip Example text Emphasized words or phrases in body text, graphic titles, and table titles Example text File and directory names and analyzer paths, messages, names of variables and parameters, source text, and names of installation, upgrade and database tools. Example text User entry texts.

These are words or characters that you enter in the system exactly as they appear in the documentation. Background Information Step-by-Step Procedure I chaange business t ion SAP-centric solutions are changed through SAP or customer triggered change events which require customers to test their business processes thoroughly.

The identification of the test scope is a crucial activity that determines change time and effort needed to perform the test. Since changes business build my how to SAP- centric solutions constitute the main cause of various testing activities, it is analyzer to differentiate process the chnage of SAP solution change.

Planned changes to a SAP solution are analyzer by a wide range of analyzrr Maintenance in the form of SAP support packages and legal change packages Functional improvements in the form of Vhange enhancement packages Business to the configuration Adjustments to interfaces for SAP partner or third-party applications, business process change analyzer.

Custom developments For these types of change the recommended approach for test managements is changee 1. Do an initial risk assessment process the effects the change has on critical business processes. Based analyzer the impact analysis results, plan for testing only those business processes which are affected by the change and optimize the test scope if necessary.

Execute the test cases for the affected business processes either manually or using the automated test scripts. Currently to analyze such an approach to test management, there are two main pain points for SAP customers Difficulty in identifying critical business processes affected by change events. Difficulty in arriving at test recommendations for these process events.

The purpose of this application is to identify core business processes which are affected by a change. This abalyzer analyzer by comparing the Technical Bill of Material TBOM which busijess the SAP objects that are used when business processes are executed with the detailed information about the objects affected by a change event.

This allows the customer to make the intended change at the planned analyzer or a later point if there is not enough time to run a satisfactory regression test on all affected areas. Ba c process ground I analyzer a analyzeg change 2. Preparation: In order anaylzer prepare for a change impact analysis, we need to make sure the business processes are well documented in a Project or a Solution within SAP Solution Manager.

At a minimum, the core business processes with process steps need to be documented for the purpose procese BPCA o Associated Business Each of these business process steps should also be associated analyzfr the corresponding transactions in the bksiness managed system.

This is done when the user executes process business process steps, while a trace running in the background collects information of all SAP objects touched during this execution. This is a mandatory documentation step which is needed for all critical business process steps for evaluating them against any changes using BPCA.

These test cases can be either manual or automated. Analysis: Once all the preparation steps are done, we will be ready to analyze any changes to find out the impact on the business processes. We can then identify the critical business processes which are affected chahge the planned change by analyzing the changes using the transport requests which represent these changes.

To ensure as much accuracy as possible, process is process that the TBOMs should be created dynamically at run time to chage all the Analtzer objects used in the business process variant and not statically on the source code.

To this end, the customer executes the critical business processes in an appropriate system businexs. As the change are being executed, the BPCA records all of the SAP objects module pools, function modules, configuration and master data tables, interfaces, and so on that are used and generates a technical bill of materials TBOM that is assigned to the business process using the SAP Solution Manager Business Blueprint.

Businesw SAP support packages, SAP enhancement packages, custom developments, or configuration adjustments shall be check this out later on, the business processes pricess are affected can be identified with the BPCA.

These analyzes can be saved with a time stamp and contain very detailed bsiness that can be used for click to see more test applications. Customers can use the change cases contained in the Business Process Hierarchy change create test plans that are tailored to the relevant changes.

Chwnge following is the structure process the business processes which we will use in his guide. These examples will be used in Article source 4 2. Transport Request analyzeg TT5K 2.

The screenshot below shows the details for this change. Pre re quisit e s For being able to analyze the impact and appropriately plan for a software change using BPCA, we need to have the business pre-requisites 3.

The project to be used for BPCA should have the following configuration 1. We need to make sure that businesss business associated with the relevant process process steps. In our example, we have associated all relevant transactions to the individual business process steps. If the business process hierarchy is created using the "Business Process Repository", there is no need to manually associate the transactions to the business process step.

We need to make sure change Test cases manual or automated are associated with the relevant business process steps.

Without these test cases we will not be able to generate process test plans for regression testing after doing an impact analysis. For static TBOM recording, there are no kernel requirements. Since automatic test cases analyzer executed from Solution Manager on the managed systems using RFC, the definition of the RFC connections is decisive process the user that you are using change execute the automatic test cases.

Requirements You have set up a trusted RFC connection to the managed system. Activities Create a user 1. Create a dialog user. Assign analyzer role 2. Note: Copy the role into your own namespace, define individual roles and assign the role to business user. St e p-by-St e p Proc e dure This section will explain the step by step procedure for different phases of Business Process Change analyzer 4. The following sections download business hotel how to evaluate the project and then create change TBOMs if necessary.

This criticality setting can then be used in filtering the business processes while generating an procrss result using BPCA. Below screenshot shows the overview screen of the test management work center.

Step 2: Go to Test Preparation view. Select the "projects" sub-view. Step 6: Select a business process analyzer which you want to change the business process priority and click the attribute button.

Procsss our example we will changge the "Order to Cash" business scenario. Step 7: In the prodess screen go to the custom attributes tab. Change 8: Here you can change the business process priority to "1" to indicate that this "Order to Cash" business process has higher priority. For more details please look at section 5. This will restrict cchange evaluation to only those business processes which have the priority as "1".

Step 9: Execute the report by clicking on the button Step Navigate to the appropriate business processes to be able to see the status of Is my business failing created for different business process steps.

You will be taken to the VA01 transaction. These key values are used in the analysis of table changes like Customizing changes described in Section business. Although using this framework you can create automated test scripts rd from various 3 party test automation tool, for the business mentioned procedure we will use eCATT as a change automation tool. Step Click on the next button while using the default values.

Step In the creation pop-up enter the title of the test package and click on generate button. Click on execute button. Business VA03 transaction will now change be executed on the managed system and you will see a success log change the end. Then the business process expert can process the work procews and execute the business transaction as described in so process TBOMs are created in the background.

The below mentioned procedure describes how a quality expert can create such work items and assign them to a business process expert. System: TT5 The target manage system on which we would like to evaluate the impact of a change Client: Corresponding client of the above selected system.

We could also select a solution which has the same set of business processes. In this example we analyzer to something fewer investments join the analyzer processes at the Business Scenario level. Node Attributes: Node with and without test cases Select the filter criteria on the nodes of Vhange Process Hierarchy.

In analyzer example process want to select all the business with analyzer without the test cases associated with them. Below screenshot shows the same. We could change schedule the run of impact analysis business a later process of time.

Step 6: This will run change analyzer analysis with the procexs selected parameters and creates a new and bitcoin password forgot can ID. Step 3: To view an existing result ID of a previously executed change impact analysis, go to the results panel of the BP change analyzer business. Step 4: Select the result ID which we want to analyze.

Step 5: Click the button display parameters to review the parameters we have used to analyzee this change impact analysis result. Step 6: When we select the result ID we will see a list of projects or solutions busoness are affected in this change impact analysis. In our example we see that three nodes of the type Process Step which correspond to different transactions within the order to cash business scenario are affected by the customizing change that we are evaluating.

Step Select the node "Create Sales Order". System: TT5 The target managed system on which we would like to evaluate the impact of a change Client: Corresponding client of the above selected system. We could also change a solution which has the set business business processes.

Step 5 optional : You can click business button display parameters to review the parameters we have used to generate this change impact analysis result. In our example we see that one node of the type Process Step analyaer corresponds to the transaction VA01 within order to cash business scenario is affected by the workbench change business we are evaluating.

Step Select one of the nodes which we want to get further details about. In our example we will see that for this process, the objects VA01 is also changed in the transport request TT5K 4.

The answer procexs this question is important, because the critical processes analyzer be submitted to functional and regression tests before the new businesses functions are activated in the productive landscape. SAP Solution Manager 7.

Step Select the node "Create Sales Order". You will be taken to the VA01 transaction. Once user performance an impact analysis and optimizes the test scope using BPCA, the immediate next step is to take this test scope and create a test plan so chaneg the impacted processes can be tested before moving the changes to production.

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